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Understanding Pain

Every individual experiences pain at one point in time. The level of pain experienced varies depending on the situation, cause, and the individual. Everyone experiences pain uniquely; in other words, pain is subjective. It depends on the person. Pain can&#8230

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FAQ: What is The Best Way to Sleep?

I often get asked, ‘Dr. Elysse, what is the best sleeping position?’ Many times, patients seek relief from their pain that they attribute to ‘sleeping wrong’. Daytime posture is important to help decrease pressure on our muscles and joints; in&#8230


What is a Rotator Cuff?

In sports and in life in general we always hear about “Rotator Cuff” injuries or someone tells us, “I can’t do that, I hurt my rotator cuff”. We know it has something to do with the shoulder and can be&#8230

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