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Eating Healthy On A Budget

“Kristin, I’d like to eat better, but healthy food is just so much more expensive!”   I hear it all the time; the dollar-menu blinks with all its wallet-friendly glory alongside the overpriced bowl of sad tomatoes. Who can blame&#8230


Insulin Resistance & Alzheimer’s: Blood Sugar to Brain

In Canada, it is estimated that 10 million Canadians have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and diabetes, and the number of new diagnoses per year just keeps rising. Insulin resistance, also referred to as “pre-diabetes”, occurs when cells in the body&#8230

JM AUG15 blog Additives

Additives: Not Always Badditives!

When considering various self-care remedies to augment recovery and speed up healing or simply as a part of your regular preventative/maintenance schedule, consider including simple ingredients that can mostly be found around the house to give your remedy an extra&#8230

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