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The Great Chiropractic Rift: Subluxation

To date I have tried to stay non-biased in my blog but on this issue I definitely take one side. This week I would like to give you a little glance into the world of chiropractic and explain one reason&#8230


4 Ways to Stay Well While at Work

Many people have a typical “9-5” work day, five days per week. This adds up to a 40-hour work week, not including overtime and other work-related obligations. In general, most people spend the majority of their adult waking lives at&#8230


All the Reasons Why I Ride My Bike

Despite the rhetoric surrounding the so-called war on bikes as well as the daily dangers that drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians all face when taking to Toronto’s streets, today I celebrate using my bike as my primary means of transportation. Why?&#8230

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